The Story

Once upon a time, I had a big question: why was it so difficult to find high-quality personal care items that worked for me? As a 40-something woman, I was experiencing different bodily issues than the younger set, but I certainly wasn't old.

I had recently had a baby, and as with every other new mum out there, my world had been turned upside down. With a new-born, days and nights blurred together. I rode a rollercoaster of crazy emotions. And the body that had given life to another was forever changed.
Yet when I looked for help in solving my woes, I found that few products on the shelves of the local chemist – apart from the usual pots of dubious 'anti-ageing' cream – addressed the needs of women in their prime or new mothers.

Where were the products to tackle:
• My sallow complexion, brought on by hormonal changes and sleep deprivation?
• are on my derriere?
• My pelvic floor muscles, which were most definitely altered?

I wanted to accept the changes my face and body enforced upon me. Yet I also needed to have a wee bit of hope that my 'evolution' could be slowed and maybe reversed. And that just maybe, I could hang on to the good bits for a while longer.

So I took it upon myself to research and source elusive, potentially life-changing products. In a world obsessed only with youthful beauty, it was clear I had to cast my net beyond the high street.

Firstly, I decided to research the perennial problem that all ladies experience after childbirth, but no one talks about: a weakened pelvic floor...

I found that ladies had been using Kegel balls to tighten up down there for centuries. Admittedly, these balls were usually used as a sexual prop to keep men happy, but I just saw that as an extra benefit. I wanted them for health purposes first.

So, I set about designing and then creating the highest quality, most comfortable, safest and ultimately most effective version. And long story short, my first product the Tighten & Tone Pelvic Floor Exerciser Kit was finally born into this world and I started selling it online.



Within just a few months I was selling more ‘Tighten & Tone Pelvic Floor Exerciser Kits’ than I had dreamed possible.

I had a choice to make. Stick with just the one product or go even deeper into this entrepreneurial e-commerce experiment? I imagined creating, even more, products that could help me and other ladies advance through life gracefully.

So I choose to move forward. The brand femmeFIT was established and trademarked and now also boasts Derma-rollers, douche kits and sonic facial cleansers as its offspring. The kegel balls and their packaging were further improved and are a bestseller in Europe, Canada, and even Japan.

In 2017, I began selling through my own constantly evolving website, placing special emphasis on valued customer feedback. It’s our policy to publish ALL the reviews.

My objective and mission is the same today as it was when I started in 2014: to create and source high quality, well-designed personal care products that actually work for us as ladies in our 30s and 40s. Real products for real women. Products that I would want to buy for myself.

The range continues to expand. But as the company grows, I promise that LouLou Loves will maintain a personal touch. I always want to be accessible to my customers, and I love connecting with people on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Why An Online Lifestyle Shopping Site Was Started



The Face Behind LouLou Loves



I’m Lou


Originally from Brighton, I live in the wilds of North Devon with my boy Richie and my rescue dog, ‘Guv’. I go by the name ‘Loulou Loves’ on all our social media because this company and I are so intertwined.

Here are a few other things you should know about me…

    1. I trained as an occupational therapist and worked in the NHS for many years. I was always looking for health products to solve problems and improve the quality of life for my clients.
      2. I’m a caffeine queen. I need 2 cups of tea before I get dressed in the morning. And I love a good coffee – chances are I’m drinking one right now...
        3. I think life should be a wonderful adventure. I once trained as a skydiver just so that I could stay longer in New Zealand!

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