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This is a best-seller foot peel and with very good reason. It is simply amazing and anyone who tries it is astounded at the results - and if I'm really...


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This is a best-seller foot peel and with very good reason. It is simply amazing and anyone who tries it is astounded at the results - and if I'm really honest, morbidly fascinated with the peeling process at the same time. But I tell you my friends, it leaves your feet super smooth and baby soft in the coming days.
You know when your feet are looking a bit dry and sorry for themselves? Maybe they've had a hard summer being walked on with no protective footwear or maybe we've just been so busy that we've neglected them. Either way, they need some TLC and trust me, this is way better and much cheaper than getting a pedicure...
I discovered the Japanese skincare brand Dr Kimoto back in 2015 and have been recommending their products ever sinceThe secret is in Dr Kimoto's industry-leading, clinically proven formula, which uses safe and effective extracts of fruit acids that won't burn or irritate your skin. After the initial moisturising boost from the peel, over the next few days, you'll watch tough calluses, and dead skin begin to peel away while the formula is working its magic.
It has an easy to use, three-step process:
  1. First, soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes.
  2. Then wear the foot peel socks containing the exfoliating foot peel for 60 - 90 minutes (This is the best bit - you can just sit back, relax, catch up on your favourite Netflix show)
  3. Finally, wash and dry your feet.
Now, to use the skin feet peel effectively, the instructions say not to peel the skin off forcibly, and we know we shouldn't - but it's so damn hard not to and so satisfying to do so. The choice is yours...
Peeling does not begin straight-away. It will begin approximately 4-7 days after the original application - just when you think nothing is going to happen... For some folk, the peeling doesn't begin until day 7 or 8 so be patient, please! It will begin!
The key points:
  • DEEP FORMULA PENETRATION into the skin promotes painless exfoliation and removal of dead skin. After only one treatment your feet will be softer, and over the next 1-2 weeks, you will be amazed at how your skin sheds!
  • ENRICHED WITH FRUIT ACIDS and moisturising ingredients to get rid of dry, hard, skin and give you baby foot-like smooth, soft feet.
  • REMOVE FOOT ODOUR - Give energy to your feet and remove bacteria on your feet & between your toes. After one application, your feet will be transformed.
  • LARGE UNISEX FOOT PEEL SOCKS is suitable for both men and women. Each box contains TWO pairs of large socks which will fit all feet sized up to 36cm.

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