Do Derma Rollers Work on Wrinkles and How Are They Used?

Wrinkles. As much of a certainty in life as death and taxes. Whether you’re starting to notice a few ‘crows feet’ around the corners of your eyes creeping in or this is a battle you’ve been fighting for some time, there’s no better opportunity to start tackling this particular ageing process with a spot of skin needling.


Skin needling?? What on earth is that I hear you cry! Sounds painful at the very least!


But don’t panic! Skin needling using a ‘Derma-roller’ is a rather ancient and relatively painless process that originated in the far East many moons ago, as an offshoot of acupuncture.


In case you’re not aware, Derma rollers are little rollers that feature tiny needles, usually made from stainless steel or titanium. You roll these needles across your skin to stimulate a whole host of biological processes that cause your skin to rejuvenate - primarily by allowing collagen production to increase - thus leading to a reduction in acne scars, sun spots, and wrinkles and creating an overall plumping of the skin, giving you a more youthful look.


So, if anti-ageing is the main aim of your game, you may want to know, do Derma rollers work on wrinkles?


Well, now’s the time to start exploring the issue…


How do wrinkles form?

Before we start exploring whether Derma rollers work on wrinkles, it’s necessary to understand how they form in the first place. As you get older, your body begins to produce less of two vital components: the aforementioned collagen, along with elastin. While collagen works towards keeping your skin plump and youthful looking, elastin is what stops it from sagging. When collagen and elastin start to disappear alongside each other, wrinkles begin to form. This is a process that’ll begin around your mid-twenties, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to use one of these devices if you’re older.


Now, it’s worth noting; there is no stopping this ageing process. It’s an event that’s happening internally, and until someone discovers the Fountain of Youth, there is no such thing as a reversal, unless you fancy going under the knife. You can, however, try to mitigate the effects or slow the process down, which is where Derma rollers come in mighty handy. Providing you’re using them on a regular basis, and in conjunction with a decent skin serum, this is one at-home treatment you can take away from the hands of your usual beautician.


How do Derma rollers work on wrinkles?

As already mentioned, Derma rollers such as the one found in the femmeFit Derma Roller Kit feature teeny tiny needles made from surgical grade stainless steel. When you roll the Derma roller across your skin, it causes small wounds in the form of punctures. When your body encounters these punctures, it begins, the skin regeneration and healing process. What does it use as a part of this process? That’s right, collagen and elastin. While these small punctures are occurring, it is worth noting that they won’t cause enough damage that constitutes a serious injury. But they cause enough disruption to make your skin look a little more youthful.


When you roll the Derma roller across your skin, signals are sent out to various areas of your body that request collagen. Once collagen starts arriving in the area, your skin becomes plumper. As a result, you’ll look younger. Similarly, stimulating the production of elastin leads to tighter and tauter skin, which again puts a halt to the ageing process. It’s good to think of collagen and elastin as little props that are stopping your skin from folding inwards and becoming wrinkled. It’s there waiting to do its job; you need to give it a little prompt or two, so it can work its magic.


How can you make the Derma roller process more effective?

As with any home beauty treatment, you’re going to have to put in some real effort to make sure it’s just as effective as going to a salon. Although there are super-expensive salon options available, knowing how to use a Derma roller at home can be as effective - you just need to take your time.


  • First, begin by removing your makeup, washing your face, and making sure it’s free of grime and residue. As you’re making tiny punctures in your skin you’re creating an entry point for bacteria, so make sure it’s as clean as possible.


  • Next, make sure you run the Derma roller under hot water for a few minutes. Doing this primes it for use and ensures it’s cleaner for you to use. As a side note, make sure you never share a Derma roller with another person, as this encourages the spread of disease.


  • Now you need to apply a serum. You may want to choose your serum according to your skin problem. For example, if you’re suffering from poor pigmentation try to find one that has brightening agents in it. Apply it evenly to your skin and give it at least a minute to settle in before using the Derma Roller.


  • Now you need to select the area of your skin where you want to use the Derma roller, hold it taut, and begin rolling it across your skin. Make sure you press firmly enough for it to work its magic, but try not to be too harsh on yourself. Roll it eight times horizontally, then vertically, and then diagonally. Make sure you lift the roller a little between each roll to ensure you achieve even coverage when creating the punctures.


  • Now you should wash the treated area and pat it with a towel.


Derma roller aftercare

One of the key activities to avoid after your Derma roller session is exposing your skin to too much sunlight or using a sunbed. At this point, your skin is sensitive and raw. It doesn’t have as many of its usual protective benefits, so you’re more open to sunburn.


You may want to consider using a serum or moisturiser that contains vitamin C and/or collagen. However, if any of your moisturisers contain toxic ingredients such as salicylic acid or benzoic acid, avoid using them. When absorbed into the skin, these products will leave you looking redder than youthful, which isn’t the aim of your Derma rolling game.


It’s important to be aware that you might experience some less than pleasant side-effects after using your Derma roller. Fortunately, they’re far from the stuff of nightmares: a little tightness and redness. However, if reducing the appearance of your wrinkles is your aim, having a little skin discomfort for a couple of days isn’t worth worrying about. As a little tip, we usually Derma-roll in the evenings, thus allowing your skin to settle down overnight, ready for the next day.


Most importantly, you need to disinfect and clean your device. Why? Well, you’ve shifted a lot of dead skin from your face onto the roller, plus the bacteria that tend to harbour there - like Staphylococcus aureus. It’s not likely that you’ll possess the usual autoclaving devices that surgeons tend to have in their workplace, but you can use any disinfecting solution that contains more than 70% alcohol, rinse it with hot water, and then leave the roller to dry in preparation for your next use.


Again, as another reminder for safety’s sake: don’t share the roller with anyone. This is an excellent way to spread diseases such as hepatitis, and while you might feel close to your friends and family, you definitely don’t want to be that close.


Finally, it’s worth noting that you won’t see an immediate reduction in your wrinkles. You need to use the Derma roller once every couple of weeks, (although some people Derma roll weekly) to see sustained results, so keep putting the effort in as it will be worth it. After two-to-three treatments, you’ll start to see significant results.


So Derma rollers treat wrinkles pretty well, what else can they do?

Collagen and elastin don’t exist to banish your wrinkles, their roles in the human body know almost no bounds, which is why you can use your Derma roller for lots of other benefits too.


Treating acne and acne scars

As already stated, the roller works towards skin rejuvenation. With each use, you’re tackling a layer of skin that’s unsightly and encouraging a new layer to flourish beneath. Said layer won’t feature the acne scars that cause you to reflect on the less pleasant aspects of your childhood. Around 86% of people will see results when they have levels one to three acne scarring, as when the collagen you stimulate begins rising to the top, it forms a new layer of skin where acne isn’t present.


As for acne itself, Derma rollers may make it less apparent, but it won’t treat all the underlying mechanisms that are causing you problems. There are other factors at play, such as your diet and hormone levels, so don’t feel too despondent if your device doesn’t resolve all your acne woes.


Using a Derma roller to reduce stretch marks

Stretch marks are the bane of many a woman’s life, and while they’re near universal by the time we’ve all reached old age, that doesn’t mean you want them adorning your otherwise marvellous body. Stretch marks tend to appear after events such as weight loss and pregnancy, as the skin experiences a rapid change that it cannot adapt to by itself. Although you may not be able to roll your stretch marks away, you can stimulate enough collagen to at least partially fill in the gaps. As a result, they’ll at least fade, especially if you use a high-end serum containing vitamin C.


While it’s clear that Derma rollers won’t reverse the ageing process in the way that many of us would love, they can slow it down significantly and help you maximise the benefits of the collagen that’s lurking beneath your skin and waiting to escape. Do remember, single-use treatment won’t give you the results you want. Make sure your Derma rolling efforts become at least a monthly event, and you’ll soon see the benefits of youthful, glowing skin. 

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